Nano Ionic Zinc Antibacterial Spray Bundle (500ml x 2)

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Nano Ionic Zinc Antibacterial Spray 

  • kill 99.9% virus and bacteria 
  • up to 1 year protection 
  • dermatologically tested 
  • nanotechnology 
  • Zinc2+

INGREDIENTS: Nano-ionized Zinc Antibacterial Agent >500ppm, Purified Water

HOW TO USE: Spray evenly on skin or any surfaces, including but not limit to clothes and shoes, furniture and car interior, and masks.

FUNCTION: Anti-germs, antibacterial, decompose odor, mold & mildew prevention, and air purification

STORAGE: Store at room temperature. Keep away from direct sunlight.

CAUTION: Only for external use. Keep away from children’s independent use.

  • R&D by CSIC (Shenyang) Microbe Free Technologies Corporation
  • Sinohydro Engineering International Co., LTD. Overseas Sole Agent


Our latest research indicates that Nano-ionized Zinc in sprayed form still remains its unique sterilizing and disinfecting function. We believe this revolutionary nanotechnology provides true protective measures to you.


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SGS GTT MA Institute for Environmental Health and Reated Product Safety Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention  MA Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology  SGS SVHC/REACH



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